Illinois High School Gymnastics Coaches Association

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Basic Routines

- This is a link to basic routines (both JV and varsity) designed by Tim Hamman, for the 2017-2020 Code of Points.


More Basic Routines

- This is a link to more basic routines for the 2017-2020 Code of Points' designed by, Scott Hagel.


Freshman Compulsory Judging

- This is a link to Blaise Blasko's notes on how to judge freshman compulsory routines.


Beginning Officials Clinic

- This is a link to videos for each event, intended to help beginning officials identify skills, along with associated value and element group.


How to Run a Successful Program

- This is a link to Steve Kafka's notes on how to run a successful program.


Skill Evaluation

- This is a link to a video that shows common skills, along with the element group and skill value assigned to each skill.


Floor Exercise Simple Steps Evaluation

- This is a link to the NGJA website, which contains a video clarifying types of steps and transitions that are allowable on floor.


IHSGCA routine sheet for judges


Level 5 Compulsories

- Click here to see a video of the level 5 compulsory routines.


JO Level 9 Rules FAQ

- Please submit any questions you have about the rules here!


Sample JO Level 9 Routines

- developed by the Steering Committee, Fall 2013


JO Level 9 "Go-To" Skills

- presented by Tim Hamman, November 2013


Coaching the Lower Levels

- presented by Myles Laffey and Jeff Levin, 2011 Winter Clinic


Coaching the Lower Levels - 2.0 to 6.0 in 10 Weeks

- presented by Blaise Blasko, 2009 Winter Clinic


Pommel Horse Revealed

- presented by Greg Gebhardt, 2009 Winter Clinic


Essential High Bar

- presented by Chad Downie, 2007 Winter Clinic


Addison Trail Gymnastics

- presented by Fred Dennis, 2007 Winter Clinic


Successful Programs

- presented by Mark Wanner, 2007 Winter clinic