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We are asking all senior gymnasts to commit to a modest $5 donation each year for the next four years.

Parents and younger gymnasts: we’d love your support as well.

Older gymnastics alums: our target for you is the $25 level, but any donation will be much appreciated.

why should I donate?
how will my donation be used?
why do you ask for name, school, and graduation year?


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Option 2 — One-time donation

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Option 4 — Mail a check

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Why should I donate?

We love our sport. It’s insanely difficult, insanely fun, and, for many of us, it has changed our lives for the better.

Way back in 1961 the boys gymnastics coaches created the IHSGCA - the Illiniois High School Gymnastics Coaches Association. They understood that our sport is stronger when we all work together through a united front.

The IHSGCA is our organization and it empowers us to manage and protect the sport we love.

The amazing, awesome Senior All-Star Meet is a great example of what we do for our gymnasts. This meet costs us money to run (as in: we lose money doing this) but it is so worth it! The Senior All-Star Meet is the coaches’ “Thank you!” to our seniors who have poured their blood, sweat, tears, and skin into this sport.

We love that we can celebrate our kids and close out the season with such a cool meet!

The IHSGCA is strong, but we can’t do this alone. We need your help. We are a non-profit organization that is currently funded solely by the coaches.

Think about what this sport means to you and know that we are its caretakers and staunchest defenders. We are your coaches, assistants, and judges. Stand with us in support of boys gymnastics!

A sample of what the IHSGCA does...

  • We directly interface with the IHSA on all issues regarding boys gymnastics.
    • In 2010 when the IHSA was considering a measure that could threaten our sport, it was the IHSGCA that assembled and led an army of 3000+ gymnastics supporters. Our message was heard loud and clear!

  • We play a key role with the National Federation of High Schools for each rulebook update.
    • Aren’t you glad you can do extra circles and giants between tricks now? You’re welcome.

  • We are extending our community into the 21st-century and are adding training videos, news, photos, and other resources to our facebook page.
    • We want to see all of our gymnasts “like” us on facebook! www.facebook.com/ihsgca

  • We fund the annual Brinkworth Scholarship and IHSGCA Scholarship for deserving senior gymnasts.

  • We run the Senior Gymnast of the Year award and the Illinois High School Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

  • The awesome Senior All-Star Meet!!


How will my donation be used?

The IHSGCA's largest annual expenses are the John Brinkworth Senior All-Star Meet and two scholarships that are awarded to worthy senior gymnasts: The John Brinkworth Scholarship and the IHSGCA Scholarship.

We incur additional expenses related to managing the Illinois High School Gymnastics Hall of Fame, the Senior Gymnast of the Year award, various end-of-season and State Meet-related awards, and funding our general operations (meetings, oversight committees and advisory boards, legal filings, etc).

Our annual membership dues (paid by the head and assistant coaches) cover less than 1/3 of the cost of these expenses. Your donation is vital to allow the IHSGCA to continue support boys gymnastics at its current levels.

The IHSGCA is a General Not For Profit Corporation in the state of Illinois.

Note: IHSGCA officers are proud to serve in a volunteer capacity with no compensation for the considerable time, dedication, and effort that they put in — which is all in addition to their existing coaching and judging responsiblities.

Why do you ask for name, school, and graduation year?

For starters, we'd like to know whom to thank!

We also think it would be fun to keep a tally of how many donations have come from each school. We love being competitive, right? Will your team be the biggest supporter of boys gymnastics?!