Illinois High School Gymnastics Coaches Association

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Executive Board & Committees

Executive Board

President:         Ryan Brown  president@ihsgca.org

Vice President:   Erik Bostrom  vp@ihsgca.org

Treasurer:         Chad Jaros  treasurer@ihsgca.org

Secretary:         Eric Harima  secretary@ihsgca.org


Steering Committee

Ryan Dul

Greg Gebhardt

Frank Novakowski

Kyle Padera

Alex Pajor


Rules Committee

Doug Foerch   *Chair  rules@ihsgca.org

Blaise Blasko   *Head clinician (permanent member)

Ryan Brown (expires 2019)

Gregg Didech (expires 2019)

Scott Hagel (expires 2019)

Chad Jaros (expires 2019)

Frank Novakowski (expires 2019)


HOF Committee

Scott Phillips - (expires 2018)   *Chair  hof@ihsgca.org

Steve Kafka - (expires 2018)

Blaise Blasko - (expires 2019)

Howie Rubin - (expires 2019)

Bob Esposito - (expires 2020)

Jeff Levin - (expires 2020)


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